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In the same welcoming spirit of the inhabitants of the island, Célivacances Djerba welcomes you to choose the dates of your stay (the dates of availability shown on this site are indicative only, and can be changed by you), depnding on which flights you get and which program of activities interest you.

By booking your flight online you can choose the closest and most convenient route for you. Just don't forget to indicate in your reservation the flight number, date, and time of your arrival at Djerba airport, so the manager of Célivacances Djerba can be there to pick you up.


Célivacances Djerba is situated near the sea with its sandy beaches. All leisure activities are easily accessible, and all shops and amenities are also nearby.

Djerba is a very flat island, and it's like being in another world.

Just a few hours from Europe, it has white soft sand beaches, the sea gets up to 28°C, and the sun shines 340 days of the year.

Djerba is an oasis in the turquoise sea. Palm trees sway majestically on the beaches, and the old narled trunks of the olive trees look magnificent.

The island will delight you with its legendary mild climate, which gained the ilsand the nickname "mild Djerba". With its many secrets, only revealed to those who come and taste true paradise. Coffee and spices also form part of the scenery here.

Djerba will inspire you with its 'naivety', tranquility and nature, as yet not affected by the modern world. It's also the home of fishermen; here women too harvest the famous "black pearls" (olives), creating part of the wealth of the island. Between domes and terraces, it's a truely great place to live.

Through quad-biking and horse-riding, you will discover for yourselves what creates the charm of Djerba, the silence of the countryside, the sweetness of the architecture of the villas, Menzels and mosques that are found scattered around the island.

The plots of land divided up by walls of clay or cactus pear trees.

The olive oil mills are dotted about here and there.

The welcome you'll receive from the local jerbiens (who are also known as "lotus eaters") will be warm and down to earth. Their courtesy and generosity charm all visitors to the island.

Tunisia is truly a country where everything is made easier by the lack of communication problems; they can speak French, English, Arabic, German, etc. They are also extremely kind.

The story goes that the first tourist on the island was Ulysees. After staying on the island he found it almost impossible to leave, and found it even more difficult to persuade his shipmates to reboard and sail away with him.

The same is true today, with travelers still getting trapped by the charm of the island. Ulysees is probably one of the most famous tourists to have passed by the island, and his stay in Djerba forms one of the most remarkable of his various adventures.

Célivacances Djerba Address: Résidence Célivacances Djerba, Zône Touristique, Midoun, 4180 Djerba, Tunisie.

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