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Only by the fact of creation, the demonstrations and elements present on the website are protected by copyright.

All uses of the content or a part of the website (text, picture, etc) done without our acceptance, put at stake this progenitor to be convict to pay damages for counterfeit and imitation.

NB : the content of this website has been certified by a solicitor.

COPYRIGHT'S NATURE (from the french law) :
Art. L 111-1. - The autor of a spirit work makes the most of his work, from the only fact of his creation, of a right of exclusive properties and opposable to all.
Art. L 111-2. - The work is weel-known created, independently from all public divulgation or revelation on the only fact that the accomplishment, even uncompleted, of the conception of the autor.
Art. L 112-1. - The arrengements of the present code protect the copyright of all the spirit work, whatever the kind, the expression form, the merite and the destination.

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